Life on the Edge: My Journey to Half Dome and Beyond (Chapter 1)

The morning of June 16, 2010 was an early one. And when I say that, I mean it was an EARLY morning. I had set my alarm for 1:30am as we needed to be on the road toward the Yosemite Valley by 2:30. I always need at least an hour or so to get myself ready in the mornings, even when I’m going hiking. Our aim was to be at the trailhead to begin the 16-mile roundtrip hike by 4am. Since our cabin was in Wawona, we were about an hour away from the valley floor. Most of us didn’t get to bed until after 10pm because we had a briefing by our fearless leaders Neil and Lynn Johnson, who had done the hike before. They were so wonderful in giving us all the information and encouragement we needed. We were more than ready to take on the challenge. Well, as far as information goes, we were. Some of us had serious issues to push through that made this hike an inconceivable challenge, to say the least.

4 thoughts on “Life on the Edge: My Journey to Half Dome and Beyond (Chapter 1)

    • I’m going back next weekend. Stay tuned for more tales from the trails! Thanks for subscribing to my blog! I’m still trying to figure this thing out, but I’m getting there. 🙂

    • Thank you, Ndidi! I’m so happy to share my journey with you. Thank you for reading and subscribing. I will keep posting bits of this story each day until I get to the end of it and I will also post new tales from the trails. XOXO

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