Life on the Edge: My Journey to Half Dome and Beyond (Chapter 2)

There were about 27 of us staying in the cabin. Needless to say, it was huge. We weren’t all on top of each other, vying for space or any of that nonsense. Everyone got along and things went smoothly. It was like a big family vacation. Not all 27 of us did the Half Dome hike, however. The original plan was for us to do the hike on Monday, but we discovered that, due to the snow in certain spots on Sub Dome, the cables weren’t going to be put up until that Wednesday. We were initially devastated as that was the day that we were supposed to head home. Wednesday morning, to be exact. Some of us began talking amongst ourselves, trying to devise a strategy of staying longer on Wednesday to do the hike and return home either late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning. The driver of the car I was in, Andy, decided that it would be best to do the hike and get started super early, so we would finish at a decent hour, and then head home right afterward. Bre and I had reservations about whether Andy would be up to driving all by himself right after completing a hike of that magnitude, but he assured us that he could handle it. We would have offered to split the driving to give him some rest, but none of knew how to drive a standard.

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