Life on the Edge…(Chapter 3)

When I laid me down to sleep after our briefing, it was well past 10 o’clock. I thought I’d fall right to sleep, but that didn’t happen. My heart was beating 90 miles a minute and showed no signs of letting up. I tried everything from counting sheep, to taking deep, labored breaths, and absolutely nothing worked. My adrenal glands were in overdrive. I checked the clock. It was 11pm and I was still wide awake. Everyone else in the room was fast asleep. Being that I was the only person in my room that was going on the hike, I knew I had to wake up at the sound of my alarm because no one was going to wake me up. For that reason, I was just a little on edge.  (Pardon the pun.)  I think the next time I checked the clock it was midnight or shortly after. I was still nowhere near falling asleep and that troubled me greatly. Normally, when I have trouble falling asleep, which is rare, I surf the Internet from my phone or play games, but since I had no cell reception at Yosemite, I couldn’t do that. I eventually fell asleep, but I think it must have been around 12:30 or 1:00am when I finally did because of the amount of time that elapsed after I saw that it was midnight. That means that I only got one hour to possibly a half-hour of sleep before the alarm went off.

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