Don’t Date a Girl Who Climbs Mountains

I’ve never met the author of this blog, but she seems to know me quite well. 🙂

Misadventures of Tintin

So it seems my blog post, “Date a Guy Who Climbs Mountains,” has gained a little online popularity. Some people even went to the point of plagiarizing it. I’m guessing they’re either poor judges of good writing or they’re plagiarists with low self-esteem. If I’m going to plagiarize, I’d go for someone big, like an obscure Nobel Prize winner, and not some blabbering blogger who writes corny, cringe-inducing posts.

Since cheesiness sells, let’s do another one. Someone else has already written “Date a Girl Who Climbs Mountains” so this is my feeble attempt at irony. It’s still ultra-cheesy with a dash of bluntness and a pinch of self-serving platitude. Here goes.

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