Doors of Opportunity

DoorDuring a recent conference I attended, I went to the restroom during a break only to discover a long line of about 30 women extending well beyond the bathroom door. Throughout the conference, the line was consistently long, but I had never seen it quite like this. Since it was the only bathroom I was aware of, I reluctantly joined the trail of divas.

After a few minutes of waiting, I asked one of the ladies if there was another bathroom. She said there was one on the third floor (we were on the first floor,) but that it only had two stalls. In other words, it was probably best to stay in line where I was at, to my dismay.  Because the restroom contained quite a few stalls, the line wasn’t too bad. It was just that I really had to go so any amount of waiting was uncomfortable.

I finally reached a point in the line where I was just inside the bathroom and could see the first few stalls on the left side.  They were all closed.  When I finally made it to the front of the line, I stood and waited a few seconds after glancing down the corridor and finding all the doors closed.  Somehow, my gaze ended up resting on a stall door on the left side, which I noticed was slightly ajar.  I walked forward and gently pressed the door open to reveal an empty and totally available stall.  At that point I wanted to slap myself.

A quick glance around revealed several other “open” doors on the other side, so I pointed them out to the other ladies in line.  As I finished up and washed my hands to head back into the auditorium, I pondered over what had just occurred and wondered how many doors in my life appeared to be closed, when in reality, I shut those doors myself.

When I approached the bathroom and saw the line, I assumed like everyone else that the stalls were all occupied.  The thought didn’t even occur to me that some of those doors could have been open, so I stayed back and awaited the opportunity to enter.  I even considered leaving my place in line to attempt a different route, so to speak. Seeking out that alternative and then having to wait in an even longer line with fewer opportunities (stalls) available could have been disastrous.

Some of the doors that appear closed to us are in fact open.  Sometimes we close those doors ourselves when we assume that because so-and-so isn’t getting in, we aren’t going to get in.  What doors have you stood outside of because you thought they were closed?  Are there any prayers you’ve prayed over the years and given up because you thought you weren’t being heard?  Have you had a dream of becoming something like–say–a professional screenwriter, but assumed the door to that dream was closed because you’ve been turned down so many times by this studio or that agent who doesn’t think you have what it takes?

Whatever the case may be for you, just know that doors that appear to be closed might really be open.  You just have to take that step of faith and ask, seek, knock.  If all else fails, just try the knob and push.  Seriously.  Do it.  🙂

Revelation 3:8

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