Back on the Dirt

This was my first time hiking in Griffith Park proper and my first real hike in months. With plantar fasciitis behind me and my broken toe healed, it was time to venture onto dirt paths again and live up to my FB name.

View of the Hollywood Sign from Mt. Hollywood

It was so nice to hike with my good friend Danielle again and catch up. We were supposed to hike with our friend Don Viejo to celebrate his 94th birthday, but we must have missed him and his group, so decided to hike our own hike.

With Danielle.

We hiked the Ferndell Loop to Mt. Hollywood and went counter-clockwise. What we thought was a 4.9-mile hike based on the info from All Trails ended up being a little over 8 miles. Thankfully we had a GPS because the trails were all over the place. No wonder people get lost out there.

So good to be back up high

We saw an assortment of pets on the trail, including lots of dogs, a snake and even a cat. Too bad I didn’t get Mr. Frodo when he was a kitten. I could have easily trained him to be a hiker kitty.

A hiker with her adventure cat

Of course I’m sore from months of inactivity, but I’m looking forward to the next adventure once it wears off.


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