Forest Lessons, “Tarzan,” and…a Caiman?!

Our second day at the jungle lodge was pretty busy. We started the day with a hike into the jungle led by our guides Lima and Rivelino, who we later nicknamed “Tarzan” due to his extraordinary strength and agility. During the hike, our guides taught us some survival skills and showed us how to make some crafts.

After the hike, we returned to the lodge for lunch and some relaxation before taking to the waters again to explore more of the igapó and watch the sunset at the end of the day. As if that wasn’t enough excitement, we took the boats out again after dinner and went out searching for alligators. We ended up with quite a surprise.

This is one of the longer videos in this series at nine minutes, but I hope you stick around until the end. With Halloween upon us, there are some elements that I find quite fitting. I had so much fun filming and editing this piece of a most extraordinary adventure. I hope you’re enjoying this series. The best is still yet to come.

“Hey, Hey, We’re the Monkeys!”

On this day of our jungle river cruise, we started with a nice, healthy breakfast and went on a canoe to explore more of the Igapó, or flooded forest. When we arrived back at our boat dock, we saw a monkey playing nearby and checking us out, so we went to have a look. Suddenly, we found ourselves surrounded by monkeys and hilarity ensued!

Hiking Santa Cruz Island

Here is the next installment of the video series, “Tales of the Trails.” In this 12-minute episode, my friends and I took a trip to Santa Cruz Island off the coast of Ventura in Southern California. Santa Cruz Island is part of Channel Islands National Park.

One thing I mentioned in the video that was not included is Smugglers Cove.  A visit to that area was part of the original plan, but we ran out of time and weren’t able to see it this time around.  I visited Smugglers Cove on my trip to the island in 2011.  You can view those pics here: Santa Cruz Island 2011.

I hope you enjoy this journey to an enchanting island in the Pacific.  May it plant a seed of discovery and adventure in you.  🙂