Swimming with Pink Dolphins

My first stop on the Amazon jungle river cruise was to meet snd swim with dolphins. But these weren’t just any dolphins, they were pink dolphins, and pretty magnificent albeit a little odd. These pink dolphins make their home in the Amazon River, so in this part of the world, it’s quite acceptable to see these beauties happily swimming in the river, eager to meet new human friends.

Hiking Santa Cruz Island

Here is the next installment of the video series, “Tales of the Trails.” In this 12-minute episode, my friends and I took a trip to Santa Cruz Island off the coast of Ventura in Southern California. Santa Cruz Island is part of Channel Islands National Park.

One thing I mentioned in the video that was not included is Smugglers Cove.  A visit to that area was part of the original plan, but we ran out of time and weren’t able to see it this time around.  I visited Smugglers Cove on my trip to the island in 2011.  You can view those pics here: Santa Cruz Island 2011.

I hope you enjoy this journey to an enchanting island in the Pacific.  May it plant a seed of discovery and adventure in you.  🙂